Best experience in the anime land

This application was made by anime fans, for anime fans, around the idea that having a great user experience, is as important as having basic features. If you'd like to support us, please star on Github and spread the word. Its open source so you can use it to make your own also. Limitless possibilities !

Open Source

Help us make the best Anime Player there is. Everything is open-sourced, so you can even dig in and see how everything works. PR's are welcome !

User Experience

We built the application with you in mind. The essence of it is to make your experience as good as can be. That's why we implemented Autoplay, Next Episode, and Resume playing. You can expect the Skip Intro feature soon enough too !

Beautiful User Interface

When we started building this app, having a simple and yet beautiful user interface was one of the main goals. There is nothing fancy about it, but the usability does make up for all of that, and then some.

Responsive Design

You can resize the window to any proportion you wanted. The styling of the application makes it easy to adapt to smaller screen sizes or even portrait modes.

Fast Update

You will also be getting updates directly from our server. Make sure that your application was downloaded from the official repo Other sources may or may not have tampered with the application.

Quick Start

The application uses electron, so its basically chrome under the hood. That's why you will always get fast starting time, and thanks to Vue, once you're inside, the experience will be the same.

Help Monimo 🎬

You would do us a great favor by doing any of the undermentioned things. Might be small for you but would mean a lot for us 🙌🏻!